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Cook (Not) 


Your Mother


Role: Creative Director and Producer

        Interviews and Workshop Facilitator

In Cook (Not) Like Your Mother, young women tell their stories and gain insight into becoming a woman in today’s world. The interviews adopt a documentary style.

While cooking a beloved dish from their childhood, participants reflect on their mothers, and themselves, in the domestic context. How they think cooking (and caring) roles reveal the work of constructing their feminine identity in an intergenerational relation their mothers, grandmothers, fathers, gender-roles, as opposed to whom they want to be.

These interviews were analysed and materialised into recipe books, designed to reveal to the readers the true intricacies of mother-daughter relations, assisting their everyday struggle to construct a gender-role that fits.

My roll in this project was to conceptualise and produce it; from forming the initial idea and working on developing it, the production and conducting the interviews and workshops, to producing the final books and video.

An illustration video of the schnitzel.

Voiceover from the original interview

IMG_3995 copy.jpg
IMG_3993 copy2.jpg

From the degree show in June 2018.

Quotation from the 6th interview laser cut onto paper and the interview illustration video projected on top.


Cook (Not) 


Your Mother

At Tate Britain

On July 2018, Cook (Not) Like Your Mother took part in Tate's Britain Common Ground, that was designed by Something & Sons. 


Cook (Not) Like Your Mother transformed into an open workshop where visitors of all ages (almost) could come and share their mom's recipe and together they created a new recipes book. Each participant was given a recipe form to fill in; asking about the dish the chose, about their cooking habits and in the end asked to share the recipe and to illustrate it. 


In return, they received one of my mom's recipes, the recipe that started my cooking journey as a young girl - The Chocolate Birthday recipe. Each participant was offered a chocolate cupcake that was baked according to the recipe and the option to decorate it.

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