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Role: Creative Director and Producer

        Interviews Facilitator


Lambeth Talks. fm is a platform for the local community in Lambeth Walk area to voice their ideas, stories and expertise while strengthening the ties in the community and preserving their personal, past and present, stories.


Our idea was to build a podcast-radio platform, using it as a tool to approach people and as a research method, it allowed people to open up more easily. We created a platform where we invited people and interview them about different subjects. We did things ranging from a quick two minute conversation, to open microphones where we gave locals the platform.


In this way, we met with and got closer to the local people, while building connections between them – bringing together people who had never talked before, and build a community based on history and memory as well as new connections.

This group project involves different aspects of production, as I was mainly in charge of developing the concept and seeing the project through. As well as working on building our relationships in the community and forming the creative aspect of the project – how will the platform work, and how to involve people.

Audio sample from the interviews

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